A great image is the combination of a solid base image and a retouching process to polish up the details. My retouching process takes your image to the best it can be. I take my time to examine every hair and pixel of the image to give you the highest quality possible. The resulting image is flawless and natural-looking, leaving a genuine and pleasant impression on viewers.

BEFORE - Straight out of camera

AFTER - Retouched

Advanced Retouching - $85

  • * Everything from Headshot Retouching

  • Extend backgrounds

  • Hair color change

  • Remove and/or add objects

  • Change color of background, garments, etc.

  • Darken an area or color change an area

  • Remove extreme wrinkles in clothing

Headshot Retouching - $45

  • Color correction

  • Facial lines

  • Shadows

  • Eyes

  • Teeth

  • Smoothing skin

  • Makeup and hair

Free service included with each image: High resolution image for printing.

Pricing is per image with a 3 day turn around time per image. Rush delivery may be available on a per request basis.