Thank you for your interest in shooting with me. Creating unique imagery for my clientele is what I’m all about. This is an experience that will not only create a show stopping photographs for you in the best light, but I will coach you through my process no matter your experience level and give you valuable new insight into your own appearance. Working this way allows us to capture the unique you that will capture your own personal brand to the rest of the world.

Standard Session

My standard headshot session rate is $400 for the shoot. There is a non-refundable 50% deposit required to book a session which will go towards the $400 total.

Mini Session

Mini sessions for 30 minutes of shooting are offered for $200. There is a non-refundable 50% deposit required to book a session which will go towards the $200 total.

Students, Kids, and Returning Client Discounts

A 30% discount is offered off the standard session fee for those currently enrolled in an acting class. There is a non-refundable 50% deposit required to book a session which will go toward the $280 total.

Returning clients and kids under 16, I offer a rate of $280 for the standard session or $160 for a mini session.There is a non-refundable 50% deposit required to book a session which will go towards the total cost of the shoot.

Portrait Session

My portrait session rate is $550. There is a non-refundable 50% deposit required to book a session which will go towards the $550 total.

The portrait rate is $100 off for returning clients and kids 16 and under. There is a non-refundable 50% deposit required to book a session which will go towards the $450 total.

On Location Session

On location shooting/remote session/street session, away from the studio is an option. However, this differs per client based on travel requirements. Please use the contact form to send a message stating the specifics of the shoot you have in mind and I will respond with the specifics.

Your Session

My headshot session takes place in my Northridge studio. I do not rush or keep an eye on the clock and our individual sessions can last up to an hour and a half in length. There is no maximum outfit change limit. I generally shoot a handful of different looks for my clients during the session to make sure you get variety of looks for your personal branding purpose.

In the process, we will discuss the pictures and edit the session as we go. Together, we will inspect each shot to determine its viability for use in your personal brand. By shooting and reviewing in this manner, I can adjust and focus the photographs during the session to account for anything we feel we might’ve missed along the way. You will leave knowing exactly what we’ve captured and will walk away with only the imagery that has met your approval.

The approved images will be made available in a secure password protected proofing site for you. You can share the password with anyone you wish to help you choose the photos you would should decide to use. It is your responsibility to work with any of the images that were finalized during the session. You may take advantage of the returning client fee in the event you feel the need to return to cover anything you feel we might have missed.

Retouching and Printing

Once you have chosen the shots you would like to use, you may place an order with us. For quality control purposes, I prefer to have my work handled by in-house. I don’t release high resolution images unless you elect to purchase the entire session for $250. This will allow you to take the images to the lab of your choice and you will still be able to work with my retouching team. Please see my retouching page for more details.


Please bring a range of different options. The most important rule is that you have to love it! If you love it, then you’ll shoot well in it. Simple as that.

I would suggest a range of different necklines. Textures and layers generally work great. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum. Small earrings, studs, and simple necklaces work. Anything hanging or chunky will cause too much of a distraction from your headshot. Try not to be seasonal but have fun with this. If you feel your wardrobe is missing something, then go shopping and we’ll keep the tags on it incase you might want to return it after the shoot.

A steamer is available in the studio incase there is any wrinkling to sort out.

Hair and Makeup

Women’s Makeup

A makeup session is highly recommended for all women. The makeup applied is specifically for the lighting I use and we usually start very natural to give a very clean and simple look. The makeup artist will remain on set for the duration of the shoot for touch ups and subtle changes as the shoot progresses. Starting off heavier on the makeup is available as well, just let us know. The cost is $200 per headshot session and includes hair help. Portrait sessions start at $300.

Women’s Hair

I ask that everyone comes in the way they would like to present themselves. I want your hair to be capture in the photos to as close as possible to way you look like when you’re having a fantastic hair day. I can’t start shooting you looking like you just rolled out of bed. Our makeup artist is there to make sure it’s shoot ready and discuss what you would like to do with it before the shoot.

If you need a major hair transformation, eg: if you are naturally curly and want to go straight (or vice versa), there may be a $50 charge for our makeup artist to blow it out for you.


I don’t recommend makeup on men. However, my makeup artist can provide light grooming for skin and hair on a shoot for $150 if you like. Any blemishes will be taken care of during the retouch.

Facial Hair

I’m happy to shoot with whatever facial hair growth you’d like and you can shave/trim it down once we got it covered. Bring any grooming products you will need to get it done.